Metal Replaced by Plastic

Metal Replaced by Plastic

MPR Plastics, originally Molded Plastics Research of Illinois, Inc. was founded over 45 years ago. We are known for our injection molding services as well as for our capability to find occasions where we can have a metal replaced by plastic.

When required, a metal replaced by plastic can improve in important factors like weight, and in certain conditions, durability. MPR Plastics maintains an extensive and proprietary database of over 80,000 materials accessible that is used in the selection of materials and design to ensure that the metal replaced by plastic will yield the most desirable results and products.

To receive more information on how we can help in improving a product by having a metal replaced by plastic, please call 847-468-9950 or fill out this form.

Metal Replaced by Plastic Benefits

Our expertise allows the selection of a metal replaced by plastic to be a very efficient process. Using our thermoset and thermoplastics processes reduces production time when compared to the production of an equivalent metal piece.

When having a metal replaced by plastic, there also is time saved in the milling process. While a metal product piece takes up to 20 minutes to complete the milling process, and while molding a plastic piece with thermoset may take five minutes. Manufacturing time is normally a factor in production, so when having a metal replaced by plastic, you are potentially reducing production time

Affordability in Selecting a Metal Replaced by Plastic

One very important factor when deciding who to use in the case of a metal replaced by plastic can be cost. MPR Plastics prices are considerably more affordable when compared to other manufacturers in the area. If you have any questions regarding our process to select the best option when having a metal replaced by plastic, do not hesitate to call 847-468-9950. Also feel free to send us a message by filling out this form.