As part of our constant pursuit to bring the highest level of quality and service possible to our customers, MPR Plastics is pleased to announce the addition of a heavy duty heat staking assembly press to our Secondary department.

We have had great success performing secondary operations and completing assemblies since1970. Yet we recognized the need for more versatility in our value-added capabilities. We wanted to be able to install more inserts in multiple parts in one cycle. We wanted multiple assemblies of several components completed in one cycle. And we wanted precise control. We found it with Sonitek.

Sonitek applies the science of thermo-dynamics and over forty years of experience to provide reliable, high quality engineered systems for practically every secondary thermal application on thermoplastics.

MPR has benchmarked the Sonitek HT Series – MP Model as the most versatile machine available to perform multiple secondary and assembly operations. This machine can be used for multiple insert installation, staking, de-gating and date coding.

The following are some of the benefits realized by using our new Sonitek press:


  • Install all inserts in one cycle with no limit to quantity or plane
  • Will not produce metal flakes, chips and dust
  • Minimal hoop stresses applied to boss
  • Works on thin wall designs without cracking
  • 10% to 20% more holding retention
  • Large inserts easily installed
  • No material limitations


  • Stake one or one hundred stakes on multiple planes
  • No cracking, splitting, breaking, or stresses applied to boss
  • 100% aesthetically pleasing
  • No damage to fragile electronic or sensitive components
  • No flash or particulate matter created
  • Extremely tight stakes created
  • Any thermoplastic material easily staked

We look forward to applying our new value-added secondary capabilities to your production requirements.