As part of our constant pursuit to bring the highest level of quality and service possible to our customers, MPR Plastics is pleased to announce the addition of three new Sumitomo all-electric molding machines. MPR is replacing a 30-ton and a 55-ton hydraulic press and adding our first 300-ton press, which increases the clamp tonnage of our largest machine by 50%.

Having benchmarked the all-electric marketplace, MPR has chosen Sumitomo for their remarkable level of accuracy, speed, and efficiency. All-electric servo driven machines require an initial investment greater than traditional hydraulic machines, but are known for their unparalleled accuracy and low operating costs due to their extreme energy efficiency. Within the all-electric arena, MPR believes that the Sumitomo line sets the standard. Sumitomo has engineered what is arguably one of the most precise molding machines in the world.

This technology positions MPR with a unique ability to handle extreme precision applications, and yet also offer its customers the benefits of 60% greater energy efficiency over traditional hydraulic machines.

With the addition of theseĀ five new presses and the 200-ton Sumitomo purchased in 2003, MPR now offers a full 1/3 of its capacity in state-of-the-art all electric machines. We look forward to performing your tight tolerance work and offering you the cost benefits of this super efficient servo-driven technology.