Specialty Applications

Ultra-Precision Injection Molding

MPR Plastics, Inc specializes in high precision injection molding of plastic parts. The cornerstone of achieving high precision is the minimization of process variation during injection molding. Process variation can be caused by any external variable that causes change in the resulting plastic part’s dimensions or physical properties. Examples of such external variables include the plastic material’s consistency, the molding machine’s accuracy, and the thermodynamic control of the injection mold.

High Performance (High Temperature) Materials

MPR’s new plant in Elgin, Illinois is equipped with a new, technologically-advanced, centralized drying system which is capable of drying the most difficult engineering grade resins (even up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit). After an exhaustive analysis of the plastic dryer market, MPR chose Universal Dynamics, Inc. (Unadyn) to design and manufacture its new system.

Metal Replacement

MPR has the ability to mold extremely high performance materials that are very well suited in many cases to replace metal in traditional applications. MPR’s processing techniques are able to maintain physical properties in the plastic material by minimizing molecular chain breakage during drying and molding to achieve excellent physical properties.

Short Run / Just-In-Time Production Expertise

MPR’s continual investment in technology and people brings true value to each project we undertake. MPR’s new plant is designed around quick-mold-change systems that position MPR to provide exceptional Just-In-Time delivery and short run production economics to its customers.

It is a fact that many complex, high-precision industrial applications are not high volume in nature. As experts in molding these types of components, MPR is committed to providing the same level of intense customer service on short-run programs as on our longer running work.

Complex Plastic Design & Engineering

From high quality, intricate, cost-effective mold making and mastery of advanced engineering resins, MPR is a proven expert in taking complex designs and finding engineered solutions that make production possible. With close to 100 years of mold and part design experience, our engineers save customers significant amounts of time and money by providing design for manufacturing ability advice.

Intricate Secondary Operations & Assemblies

MPR provides a full-service secondary department where we perform value-added operations to the parts we mold. We excel at intricate assemblies requiring secondary operations such as machining, fastening and sonic welding. We maintain a complete line of plastic machining equipment to perform drilling, tapping, turning, broaching and routing. In addition to insert molding, we also maintain three sonic welding stations, a riveting machine and a pneumatic press for assembly and insert work. Our customers benefit from our skilled labor force and attractive cost structure!

Thermally & Electrically Conductive Plastics

MPR molds conductive polymers for some of the most demanding application in the world. MPR uses a series of injection molding systems and materials to achieve very high performance levels of conductivity in parts for Mercedes Benz, Cummins Allison, Honda and others. These capabilities are used in critical application from fuel systems to high speed currency counting machines in the financial industry, applications where failure to meet static or thermal decay specifications is not an option.

Lens Quality Plastics

Many of the systems that MPR uses to control hydrolysis and oxidation are also relevant to minimizing the effects of processing on degradation on the molecular structure that can cause imperfections in the optical nature of a molded part.  MPR manufactures critical lens grade parts for the US Airforce, ITW and Inprint Plus to name a few.