Thermally & Electrically Conductive Plastics

MPR molds conductive polymers for some of the most demanding application in the world

Electrically Conductive PlasticsMPR uses a series of injection molding systems and materials to achieve Electrically Conductive Plastics and Thermally Conductive Plastics for very high performance levels of conductivity in parts for Mercedes Benz, Cummins Allison, Honda and others. 

Many of the systems that MPR uses to control hydrolysis and oxidation are also relevant to minimizing the effects of processing on degradation of the “wetting” process that binds conductive materials like stainless steel and carbon fibers to the underlying polymer thereby maximizing conductive properties.

These capabilities are used in critical application from fuel systems to high speed currency counting machines in the financial industry, applications where failure to meet static or thermal decay specifications is not an option.