Understanding The Science Of Precision Injection Molding

Our Customers

Injection Molding Capabilities

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  • Advanced State of the Art Facility
  • Press Sizes – Clamp Tonnage from 30 to 300 tons. Shot size to 24 ounces.
  • Tolerances – Ultra-precision (often 50% tighter than SPI “Fine” Designation).
  • Materials – Virtually all injection molding grades with the exception of Flouropolymers and PVC. Grades include all high temperature and high performance materials. Fillers include glass, stainless steel, carbon fiber, talc, lubricants, barium sulphate and many others.
  • Run Size – Extreme efficiency at both short and long runs through proprietary one touch exchange of dye systems.
  • Location – State-of-the-art precision

    injection molding plant in Elgin Illinois.

Ultra-Precision Injection Molding Machines

MPR uses what are widely considered the most precise injection molding machines in the world. All electric molding machines utilize extremely accurate servo motors without any of the variability inherent in hydraulic molding machines to achieve repeatability within microns.

Technologically Advanced Dryer System

MPR’s new plant in Elgin, Illinois is equipped with a new, technologically-advanced, centralized drying system which is capable of drying the most difficult engineering grade resins (even up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit).

Exceptional Metrology Capability

MPR utilizes a multi-sensor metrology system to perform extremely accurate and efficient inspection of parts and assemblies.

Specialty Applications

Founded in 1970 as Molded Plastics Research of Illinois, Inc., MPR has built a strong reputation for high precision, intricate injection molded parts and assemblies. In addition to providing superior quality plastic components, our success has been achieved by developing unique trust-based partnerships with our customers.

MPR Applies Science-Based Best Practices to Avoid Breaking Molecular Chains to Serve the Following Industries:

Most Industrial and Consumer Markets

Defense Industry

Aerospace Industry

Medical Industry

Particle Physics

Transportation Industry

Precision Sealing Surfaces in Fluids, Pneumatics & Pumps

Customer Testimonials

“MPR has received our Quality award since 1996. That is with our requirements increasing every year as well. that is truly an accomplishment”

Deb Wellman
Plant Manager, ITW-Paslode

Customer Testimonials

“It has been a pleasure working with all of you and any future molding projects I have in the future I’ll definitely keep you guys in mind. You have by far been the best team I’ve worked with for molding.

Kyle Bacon
Validation Engineer, Corpak Medsystems

Customer Testimonials

“I want to thank you and the MPR team on the great job for filling this weeks requirements at 100% on time, as you always do. We had needed an unusually large number of items this week and you guys certainly have continued to provide us with World Class support.”

Don Fuller
Purchasing Manager, Arrow Pneumatics, Inc

Customer Testimonials

“Thank you, Paul. It’s always a pleasure working with all at MPR. Your company is a testament of the professionalism and proficiency required to build successful working relationships. We look forward to many,  many more years of the same.”

Sandy Larrue
Buyer, C.E. Niehoff & Co.

Customer Testimonials

“It has been a pleasure working with you, and I appreciate all of the help you have given us. I can say with confidence that you have been the best supplier that I’ve worked with at ITW.

Anna Ky
Design Engineer – Fuel Group, ITW Construction Products

Customer Testimonials

“Bill Goldfarb, President of UnaDyn may have spoken to you about my interest in visiting your company to write an article. On monthly basis, Plastics Technology magazine features North American plastics processors whose business models enable them to thrive in a highly competitive, globalized market. I have such an opportunity coming up in our January issue, and I thought of your company because Bill Goldfarb speaks so highly of your high-precision molding, high quality, and short-run capabilities.”

Matt Naitove
Executive Editor, Plastics Technology magazine

Customer Testimonials

“I wanted to get you in contact with a molder that you may be interested taking a look as a supplier. They are a very capable. The company is MPR Plastics, Inc. in Elgin, IL. The presidents name is Paul Doran and is copied on this email. Best regards,”

Matt Pekrul
Account Development Manager – Transportation US, Engineered Materials, Celanese