MPR China

World Class Tooling from the USA and MPR China

MPR manufactures world class tooling in both the United States and its facilities in China. There are seemingly countless sources of tooling in the Eastern Rim. Choosing the right one is absolutely essential! Only a very small percentage of the mold making factories in this part of the world have the ability to manufacture tools to the high standards required by MPR.

We maintain close relationships with three extremely high quality mold making factories in China. MPR’s owner has personally developed these relationships by traveling to China to perform factory audits and meet management. We also maintain our own engineering office in China, providing hands-on project management by a degreed mechanical engineer exclusively committed to MPR’s projects. MPR has made high precision tools in China for General Electric, ITW, Fisher Scientific and many other satisfied customers.

MPR’s owner has personally developed relationships by traveling to China to perform factory audits and meet management.

American Guarantee

Because we have carefully selected our partners, we guaranty all molds we source on behalf of our customers. We import molds and run part production in our American plant to ensure absolute quality and JIT delivery.

American Engineering

Our engineers in the United States control the design phase of all tooling projects. We offer our customers complete design review services prior to beginning the machining phase of their projects.

MPR’s customers can save between 30% and 50% on equivalent tooling produced domestically.

Project Management

During the project, we provide weekly progress reports to our customers from our Asian partners. All steels and heat-treating are certified to US equivalent standards. All MPR prices include airfreight, which facilitates lead-times equal to or better than most domestic deliveries.

MPR’s on the ground engineer in China oversees all projects to perfection.