Flexible High-Quality Injection Molding

Flexible High-Quality Injection Molding

High-quality injection molding is a service required across all industries. The MPR Plastics staff has over 100 years of cumulative design and manufacturing experience, so we understand how important manufacturing the correct components is. We provide a wide variety of products, molds, and services to clients at a high level of service, making sure your order is on time and of outstanding quality.

We provide high-quality injection molding for the military, medical firms, and science labs, and transportation. It is important to have a degree of adaptability, and our Just-In-Time delivery and short-run production provide those avenues. We can provide the same intensity to short-run orders as our longer run orders, ensuring no client is shortchanged regardless of their order size. Tell us about your manufacturing needs using the form on this page or call us at 847-598-9950.

Meticulous High-Quality Injection Molding

Our high-quality injection molding process uses the most advanced industry methods and machinery to account for production variables. MPR constantly invests in the latest technology to keep our materials dry and consistent, our molding machinery the most accurate in the world down to the micron, and state of the art HVAC systems to optimize the room temperature to the materials in use.

The element of human error is minimized as well through our automated processes. We utilize Visual SPC software to take in data from high precision machines that measure all materials we produce. These automated measurements reduce labor cost, decrease production time, and mitigate incorrect readings from human eyes.

Affordable High-Quality Injection Molding

Our qualified experts at MPR will find ways to save you costs on production and materials. Over the course of a project, we make recommendations to take a complex high-quality injection molding and engineer a solution to produce an item. Our pricing is also structured in such a way to account for a short run or long run project, or whatever else you may need. Call us today at 847-468-9950 to let us know about your needs or use the contact form on this page and a representative from MPR will return your message.

Flexible High-Quality Injection Molding

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