Thermal Conductivity of Plastic

Thermal Conductivity of PlasticFor almost 50 years MPR Plastics has built a robust reputation for working with intricate injection molded parts and assemblies. Our high precision systems allow for superior quality plastic thermal conductivity products.

We display thorough understanding of our customers’ specialized needs and requirements allow for the development of hand crafted programs and products distinct to their needs. MPR Plastics knowledge of the Thermal Conductivity of Plastic, allow for the deliverance of a service and product that will be a perfect solution to your application. Our expertise facilitates our Thermal Conductivity of Plastic services.

Thermal Conductivity of Plastic Applications

Thermal Conductivity of plastic is important in systems like fuel systems. We have extended our services to many different industries, like the Defense industry including the U.S. Airforce. The transportation industry with customers like Mercedes-Benz, Honda, GM and John Deere. Besides Thermal Conductivity of Plastic services, MPR plastics also offers:

  • Ultra-Precision Injection Molding
  • High Performance (High Temperature) Materials
  • Material Replacement
  • Complex Plastic Design & Engineering
  • Intricate Secondary Operations & Assemblies
  • Electrically Conductive Plastics
  • Lens Quality Plastics

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Thermal Conductivity of Plastic Benefits

Our accurate and efficient inspection of parts and assemblies allow for outstanding Thermal Conductivity of plastics in our products. Working with us you also receive the benefit of our highly competitive pricing with product that have specific requirements for Thermal Conductivity of Plastic.  

To initiate your next project with specific needs of the Thermal Conductivity of Plastics, you can also contact one of the knowledgeable professionals at MPR Plastics by calling us today at 847-468-9950. We are also reachable through the submission of this form.


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