As part of our constant pursuit to deliver the highest level of quality and service to our customers, MPR Plastics is pleased to announce the addition of a new multi-sensor metrology system for our Quality Department.

The system combines a touch probe capability (used by traditional CMM’s) with an ultra-high precision video measurement system. The system is manufactured by Optical Gaging Products, a world leader in automatic video measurement systems.

Three-dimensional multi-sensor software provides true 3-D functionality of video and touch probe measurement in a single routine. Optical measurement accuracy is less than .5 microns and touch probe measurement accuracy is less than 1.0 micron!

This system will not only give MPR an exceptional capability to measure accurately, it will also measure difficult GD&T specifications on even your most complex parts. True Position, Concentricity, Circular Run Out, Parallelism, Angularity and more are all easily measured with the system’s multi-sensor combination of video and touch probe.

Finally, when you combine the system’s automation software with high precision servo driven mechanicals, the system can perform complex inspections automatically, saving significant inspection time and labor in our QC department. Simply fixture the part once and you get all your measurements in a single routine. The measurements are in turn, downloaded directly from the metrology system to MPR’s Visual SPC software for statistical analysis and retention. These steps are all performed with minimal operator involvement by our QC professionals reducing the potential for human error.

Higher metrology capability, greater accuracy and improved efficiency all result in a big win for MPR’s customers.